2013 Calgary Flood Map

Possible Relief Centers if a 100 year flood were to occur.

Where to go in the event of a flood?
This project is based on an event that devastated Calgary in June 2013. There was a flood that affected most of the downtown core and and displaced thousands of residents. The objective was to discover what buildings would be ideal for possible flood relief center’s in Calgary in the event of a flood?
Basic Map Of Calgary
Calgary 100 Year Flood Plain Map
Calgary's Possible Relief Centers Map 
This map consists of schools and arenas because of their dual purpose and could easily accommodate a large amount of people.
Calgary Flood Plain Buffer Map
Calgary's Acceptable Relief Centers Map
The final selection of acceptable flood relief centers that are within 1500m and also at least 500m away from the flood plain.
Project Conclusion
This project highlights the possible relief centers in Calgary that could be utilized in the event of a flood. With the results from this map, The City of Calgary could deem certain buildings as relief centers and begin supplying them with the right equipment. They could also build a response system map for immediate delivery to those locations in case of emergency.

Flood Statistics and Information:
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