Brand Design

Discover how we shape brands.

Every element, curve, point, color, serves a purpose.
En Creative creates brand identities and materials that are bespoke and purpose built to the client. We create brand identities (logo, color scheme, persona, elements) and all of the materials that they support such as websites, print and digital media, letterhead, advertisements, signs, and various company materials.

We start with a coffee and discover what your goal is, who you’re targeting, what sort of ideas you had in mind, and then we brainstorm the brand. From that meeting we create multiple brand concepts, have another meeting and refine them to one idea. Then comes the polishing and testing phase. We diligently make sure every color, curve, font, and so on is perfected. Then we thoroughly analyze it to ensure it performs its purpose. No one likes to explain a logo, it should be evident from first sight. We then meet again and deliver the final product! Throughout the whole process with are very involved with the client to ensure they are more than happy with the final outcome.

Brand design is something our Creative Director has been honing since he was 10 years old, creating his first clothing company logo. The whole process of discovering and creating is fascinating and exhilarating. “I love collaborating with a client, especially when all the creativity is flowing and then suddenly the design is right there in your mind and all you have to do is use your tools to create it!”

En Creative designs unique brands. Our work is detail oriented, bespoke, and tailored to the audience.  We don't draw on "design trends", we feel what best resonates with the audience and create that. “I like to call it generational targeted designing. Certain colors, fonts, styles, and themes work better with some generations than others.” So grab a coffee with us and let’s create something breathtaking!

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