Panorama Summer Trail Map

Map Design / Advertising

One of the best bike maps in the industry
Map making is one of Ian’s greatest passions in design. Since he first drew a map in kindergarten, people have noticed his gift in map making and credit it to his spatial awareness. Ian is constantly looking at the bigger picture and this is key to producing attractive and highly accurate maps. Since then it has been a goal of his to design a trail map for a ski resort. When Panorama needed a new map, they turned to him because of his creativity and skill. The common issue is there are map makers and there are designers, and they don’t work well together. Ian has the combination of both skill sets which allows him to have an edge over the competition. He is emerging in the ski industry as the go to guy in map making. Ian’s favorite piece of work is Panorama’s summer trail map in which he worked with the mountain ops team and developed it from scratch. 

“This is one of the best bike maps in the industry” – Jason Simpson | Director of Snow school at Panorama

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