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En Creative captures and edits video content with an intense focus on the audience. We carefully craft each video to elicit the right emotion from the viewer.

Our videos are designed, not edited. We carefully create each scene and treat each frame like we do our photos.

We start by creating a concept for the video and then storyboard the whole project. After that we test the idea, does it really work? Will it be successful? Once we are 100% confident in the project, we go to shoot! Then it’s onto organizing and processing all the footage. With everything ready to go, we edit the film with Premiere Pro and After Effects. We then send out a draft, make revisions, and polish the final product! It’s that simple!

Cinematography is one of our passions because you get to go out and capture raw experiences and then turn them into a video the elicits a specific feeling!

We have a love for creating products that make one feel. If we can have a positive impact on an individual's life through the magic of film, then we’re happy! We have the skill and passion behind the lens and computer to make that happen! Let’s grab a coffee and start planning your next project!
sunshine village
90th slush cup teaser video
Panorama Mountain Resort
Panorama EARLY SEASON Video
Coldstream Helicopters
christmas thank you video
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